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Parental Journal 19 from Planet Elderly: Mom Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Been treading murky waters with Mom. It’s difficult to see her so confused at times. Yet her mindset is saying: I must learn to do and manage everything myself. I decided to plant a big seed the other day. I … Continue reading

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Huffington’s suggestion

A few days ago, I saw Ms. Huffington of The Huffington Post suggest to a talk show host that he should blog. Then she proceeded to explain that a blog is not perfect writing….it’s whatever comes to one’s mind. It’s … Continue reading

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It’s All About Us….or Not

Yesterday was my first viewing of “Synecdoche, New York,” and although some say it is “too artsy,” I loved it.  I think I sat transfixed for the last third of the film, smiling and thinking to myself, “Yes…yes…this is what it’s all … Continue reading

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