Photography Hobby: Icy Sunset Pond

March 29, 2021

Several weeks ago we had a somewhat brutal (to me) cold snap. Local ponds iced over and folks stayed inside. I drank a ton of homemade hot cocoa.

There is a very small pond in my area at a nearby park called Louisville Dr. Park. The park is not large, but it has a shelter for gatherings, a basketball practice area, a walking trail, a children’s play area, and plenty of open air space for sunny picnics. It’s even starting to collect a few memorial benches.

Eventually, the temperatures warmed up a bit and ponds in the area lost their iced armor. I took my camera over to Louisville Dr. Park at sunset to see what I could capture. It was interesting to see how the light changed.

About jjmummert

Retiree who is reluctantly adjusting to the reality that she is elderly. Resides in Columbia, Missouri.
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2 Responses to Photography Hobby: Icy Sunset Pond

  1. SpruceKnob says:

    I particularly like the first photo!


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